I had one of those adventures going to chicken chores this morning – one of those mornings when you really wish your Jeep had windshield wipers and you end up driving with a hand out the window holding a broom so you can de-opaque the windshield every hundred feet or so. Now that I’m back I expect the snow to suddenly stop, just to give Murphy a giggle. But it’s still coming down hard.

I didn’t see snow in the forecast, but will admit I didn’t pay that much attention. Lots of it right now. If I’d gone to chicken chores two hours earlier like I should have there’d have been no trouble but I bet it wouldn’t last. And predictably lost the bet.

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  1. I wasnt paying attention…whats the issue with the wipers? Wiper motor? Wiper relay? Wiper switch?

  2. Joel says:

    Never really figured it out. The motor apparently works, I think it’s some weird electrical problem.

  3. Terrapod says:

    Sheesh! If your car has a stalk switch for the wiper it is probably broken. Grab the wiring diagram, find the wire that feeds the wiper motor power, disconnect it at the harness to wiper and run power direct to it through a toggle or momentary switch. Most of those motors have “self park” mode when power is off, so a push button would work fine, just press as long as needed to clear screen and let go. .

    Let me know and I will send you wire, toggle or momentary button switch and an inline fuse.

    Speaking of which, have you checked the fuse block and relay that is probably in the circuit? Maybe the stalk is fine only you have a bad fuse or relay.

  4. dan says:

    SHIT that’s what i woke up to also 7 in of SLOP/ SHIT got 1 cup of coffee in me & the damn power went out @ 5:30 in the friggin am. before i had time to brew a new pot.can always reheat on propane stove IF it’s made.5 hrs later power on, toast in toaster, beans ground etc. new pot made hit computer & all booted up & damn if the power didn’t go out again but only long enough to screw the computer & microwave up, after restarting everything again same thing,5 times according to the woman, i said screw it & fired up the tractor/ snowblower & did driveway & around house 2 hrs of that & i’m ready for a nap.due to rain so i’m waiting before i start to shovel this shit off porch MAYBE it will melt ?? weird weather up here in northern B.C. not winter by any means water still flowing under the snow. stay safe. DAN

  5. Mark Matis says:

    dan – THAT is why one uses a UPS.

    And what is this “snow” of which you speak? I have not seen that for MANY years now in east central Florida…

  6. Terrapod says:

    Heh! About having alternate power sources up here in northern US wonderland, it is a must!

    10 years ago I snagged a brand new Coleman 6.5KW genset for about 300 bucks delivered. Amazon had one of those weird sales at prices near impossible.

    I put in a manual transfer switch specific to the 8 critical items, Furnace, freezer, fridge, coffee maker, bathroom, kitchen lights and TV room.

    Has saved my ass with the wife unit about 3 times since then, well worth the $ and aggravation of putting it in. It sits in the garage with the carb bowl drained until needed. Just wheel it out, plug it in, turn on fuel line and yank start, works like a charm. Just remember to change oil after every extended use and use sta-bil in the fuel tank, guarantees it will last pretty much forever..

  7. Norman says:

    What Terrapod said.

    This goes back decades, but Way Back When a friend had the remnants of a very old van. As stuff stopped working he came to me. Start cycle in the ignition switch failed somewhere between the ignition switch itself and the solenoid, so I put in a pushbutton and some wire to get around the problem. Headlight switch failed, replaced with a shielded toggle switch, a relay and some new wire. Wiper switch failed, another toggle switch and some wire.

    Pro Tip: Find – or create a new – 12V buss to feed power to all the new “redneck engineered” switches ‘n’ stuff, and *start* with a Master Switch that controls a relay to power that buss; extra points for wiring that relay as self-energizing through initiation with a pushbutton switch so it drops when the engine shuts off. I used an oil pressure switch in the circuit for that. Now, we have solid state relays (I like what Crydom makes) which are more reliable than the old mechanical click boxes. Otherwise your jumper cables will get a workout…..

    2nd Pro Tip: Keep on hand duplicate parts for everything you add and make your own accurate wiring diagrams (including junctions) for whatever you install; guaranteed when something breaks 3 years from now you won’t remember what you did.

  8. Robert says:


    Where do you live? Asking for a friend. Yeah, that’s it, a friend. 🙂

  9. Norman says:

    @ Robert:

    At the moment, “somewhere on the North American continent.” But that’s always subject to change, depending on offers. It’s changed a lot in the past.

    Why do you ask? (If you’re coming to visit, call ahead so I can switch off the mine field and heat-seeking missles and let the guys on duty out in the bunkers know).

  10. Robert says:

    I didn’t actually expect you to tell me, y’know. 🙂
    Lemme know if you’re ordering more ordnance, maybe we could get a bulk rate.

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