Sleepy Sunday…

What a beautiful day. By nine it was t-shirt weather, which meant let’s do a couple of laundry loads…

It takes a restful hour to go through a couple of buckets of laundry, and this will probably be the first week I tell Former Weekender Neighbor L I have none to bring her when she makes the invitation. It’s just too nice outside not to do outside chores.

I’ve still got this absurd tarp that used to cover the hoopshed, and the wind keeps knocking it off the woodpile. I really should be working on the new woodshed and bedroom piers, but there’s a snag: I hate talking to strangers on the telephone, and getting the building materials I need will involve doing a lot of that. Wasted a week procrastinating, but tomorrow really truly needs to be the day.

And I may have made another big mistake with the ladies in the Fortress of Attitude. Normally only the Big Chickenhouse gets sunflower seeds, but when I recently bought a new sack I filled a tub and left it at the Fortress. And now the ladies are complete shameless addicts. They keep trying to tell me about this new federal law that forbids entering the Fortress without an offering of sunflower seeds. I ask them how they know about this law. Did they get a visit from a social worker? Is there a secret radio receiver in the coop? What? They’re protecting their sources.

Also – I know I’ve asked this before, but it torments me – how do they even know they like sunflower seeds so much? They swallow them whole, just like pellets. I’ve slaughtered chickens that had undigested sunflower seeds still in their crops. So how can they even taste them?

Bread I kind of understand. (They love bread, too.) Bread would at least come apart on their tongues, right? But why prefer seeds to pellets, when they’re both just hard objects swallowed whole?

Ah, well. I’ve made a cup of tea, and now I’m gonna enjoy a book and a warm breeze for a while.

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You shouldn't ask these questions of a paranoid recluse, you know.
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2 Responses to Sleepy Sunday…

  1. MJR says:

    Ah lazy Sundays, ain’t life grand? I spent mine outside helping my wife with gardening and getting caught up on a few small projects. Life is good. BTW I’m with ya on that phone thing. My wife swears i would have to be forced to make the call at gunpoint if I was having a heart attack. I just hate using the phone.

  2. coloradohermit says:

    Another phone hater here. If humanly possible, I’d much prefer to deal with stuff online. DH can’t understand that. He loves confrontation, so if things go badly on the phone he’s delighted to deal out some crap and righteous indignation.

    For those chicken preferences, maybe the sunflower seeds just smell more like a treat. Assuming chickens can smell, that is.

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