Slept for ten straight hours…

…probably with the help of some expired pharmaceutical products sent me by [name redacted] the last time my back went sprong. Woke just now feeling very stiff but not as if I’d been sent to Room 101 – and a good thing too, because this morning I start a new paying gig up on T&S’s mesa. They’re going on a trip for the next week and a half and need their animals fed and looked after and what’s left of their plants watered. Not an especially onerous chore and it has always paid well, but it wouldn’t be any fun jouncing up to their place in the Jeep twice a day with my lower back the way it was yesterday.

More later, probably.

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One Response to Slept for ten straight hours…

  1. Kentucky says:

    You need a bidness card . . .

    Have Jeep — Will Travel


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