Slept through the night for once…

I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in nearly a month, and it was starting to wear on me. I really miss some of the things I could do when I was young, like shrug off sleep deprivation. One of the things my back hasn’t liked me doing lately is lying down, which makes sleep as problematic as an honest man at a political convention. It can happen, but it never lasts long.

But for the past three days or so my back hasn’t been quite so painful, and last night I laid down around nine and didn’t stir till nearly 5:30 – and then only because I was lying on top of the quilt and it got cold. I stirred just enough to get on the right side of the cover and slept for another solid hour. My back isn’t all better by any means, but I’m starting to hope it’s finally on the mend.

Though it’s always been on my blogroll I haven’t spent as much time as I maybe should have at The Price of Liberty blog – if only because we’re fellow travelers and all I can really do there is nod. But yesterday’s terrible news sent me back to read comments, and then I stayed to read this terrific take by Nathan Barton on all the current blather about “a new civil war.” Basically, “A new one? When did we ever stop being in a civil war?”

The historian’s definition of a civil war is the fight for the control of a government and a society. And that is what we’ve been engaged in for decades, at a level of effort far greater (except for the direct bloodshed) than American wars in the Middle East in the same period. The effort, the time and treasure, spent on determining the nature and future of American government and society, is trillions. It is less volatile, at times. But it changes (and destroys) lives daily.

What all these people are fearful of is that the nature of the war will change from a largely covert and verbal sparring to become an overtly violent fight. To a situation where it will no longer be insane, perhaps drugged, killers going after unarmed and unprotected victims. But rather, where there are death squads and obvious assassinations, and where the military occupation of much of the Fifty States will be blatantly military, not disguised as “to serve and protect” by “civilian” police forces.

Is that to be feared? Or welcomed? You should decide. For me and mine, a pox on BOTH their houses. Whether overt or covert, we need to (and will) defend ourselves against them all. With whatever tools are necessary. That is what free people do.

Go RTWT, it’s good. Meanwhile I need another cup of coffee, then I’m off to chicken chores before it gets hot.

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  1. Ben says:

    That’s great news about your back! (FWIW: Just now I peeked out my front window, no overt signs of any civil war.)

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