Slow-cooked porkchops…

Saturday evening I was invited to supper with S&L.

Tobie had such a good time. He loves to meet new people but because he so seldom has the opportunity he gets … rather excited. Big puppy hurling himself about can kind of ruin a party, so I worried. But he only jumped on one person, right at first, happily a fullgrown man who could take the hit. Then he listened and settled down, something I don’t think he’d have done six months ago. They have a walled patio in back, where we ate, so he was able to come off the leash and he really didn’t make a pest of himself. Won’t say he never begged at all, but mostly he just hung out digging being with more than one person. Good boy.

But anyway: L made porkchops, and they were so very tender I had to ask how she accomplished that. Mine are always like shoe leather. She said what I should have guessed: “Crockpot.”

I decided I had to try that. Brought home some freshish veggies from the Monday morning water run.

Somebody gave me a Crockpot quite some time ago but I doubt my electrical system is up to leaving it on for six or seven hours at a throw. Maybe, on a sunny day, but whatever: I know Ian’s can. So I had my supper over there today.

Tobie liked it too, and I even remembered to bring my strainer so I could get the onions out of the broth.

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3 Responses to Slow-cooked porkchops…

  1. Robert says:

    I’m glad the crockpot worked well for you. Y’know, a sun oven is like a crockpot that doesn’t need electricity or gas. Yeah, I know I’m a nag. It’s one of my few charms. 🙂

  2. Judy says:

    And if you have a dark pot and windshield sun shade thing-ma-bob you got a cheap sun oven.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Robert and Judy beat me to it. +, a good bed of coals tended all day can do the trick as well.

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