Slow progress emptying the woodshed…

This is the fast part, compared to stacking it all back up, but (I tell myself) it’s the part that’s hard on my shoulder.

But I’m mostly there…

I have to take each armload out and wing it onto the pile, which is as far as from the woodshed as I can fling a ton or so of firewood three or four pieces at a time…

…so probably this is the only part that’ll mess up my shoulder again. I wasn’t a major league pitcher before I wrecked the shoulder.

And look who I found…

I knew sooner or later I’d find the rat nest. At least one really gooey nest was inevitable. Didn’t expect to find the rat, though.

Kinda makes me melancholy, when I find a mouse or a rat dead in its own nest. On the other hand it was a very fine nest, and we had few or no nights even down to single digits this past winter. So this one didn’t die of the cold, or probably of injuries. It just died. Maybe disease, maybe – given how big it was – it just got really old. In its line of work, that would be considered a win.

Personally, I plan to never die at all. But then, probably so did he.

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6 Responses to Slow progress emptying the woodshed…

  1. Kentucky says:

    Man, I’d sur handle him with a looooong-handled shovel . . .


  2. Michael Best says:

    Say Joel, what was the knife sharpener you mentioned a while back? I am looking to get one. Thanks!

  3. Ben says:

    Slower perhaps, but It might be kinder to your shoulder to use your wheelbarrow rather than repeatedly tossing that wood. If you avoid re-injury, it will be faster in the long run.

  4. Joel says:

    Michael: You mean this one? This is what I most commonly use but I don’t remember mentioning it on the blog.

  5. Who...Me? says:

    If you want really sharp knives the best bet is a series if actual sharpening stones. Some folks have the ability to freehand on a stone and end up with a razors edge. My dad was like that. Obviously that is NOT an inherited skill as I cannot sharpen a knife to save my butt.

    Enter the Lansky knife sharpener.

    It is like idiot proof knife sharpening.

  6. Joel says:

    I own several good stones, and for several/many years I clung to the illusion that if I only *kept at it* I’d finally learn the manly art of putting a truly razor-like edge on a knife using them. In my old age I can finally relax to the knowledge that I just don’t have the hand/eye coordination it clearly takes. Hell, I can’t hang a picture straight. Duffers like me are why crock sticks were invented.

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