Small, familiar damage alarms…

…started going off the moment I put on my leg and started hobbling around this morning. It’s been a busy weekend. I’m gonna be lame for the next couple of days, no way around that.

We planted three apple trees this weekend. The process was rather…involved.

First, dig some big-ass holes (previously completed.)

Next, fill the bottoms of aforementioned big-ass holes with partially-rotted juniper. We decided to call this step “cleaning up the neighborhood.”

Haul much horse shit and rotted straw from J&H’s, a little over a mile away. We hauled about six trailer-loads, plus what could fit in Gulchendiggensmoothen’s bucket on each trip. Lots of horse shit – it’s a lot like dealing with the government. Except in this case, it’s vitally important to remember your goggles because the wind is always blowing in your face when you dump the bucket. Thank god for hot and cold running water.

Fill the holes. Horse shit alternates with dirt. Some bales of rotted straw that once skirted the old fifth-wheel also found their way into the hole.

Before we could actually plant trees, it was necessary to arrange for water. We tee’d five hundred feet of flexible hose into M’s Dome and walked it out to a point between the two widely-spaced holes. There’s something wonderfully symbolic and Biblical about all this – bringing flowing water to parched regions, and all that. I like this part. But by this point in the weekend I was feeling distinctly un-godlike. In fact, I was feeling like a physically damaged old man. But we soldiered on.

Seems like a paltry result for all that work, doesn’t it? Gad, I hope they grow. I certainly plan to water them faithfully. M kept reminding me, “Think about the brandy.”

With their other hands, M and Landlady put the fake vigas on the Meadow House, which is the final touch before stucco. Stucco is due soon. Alas.

M did all this, and was raring to go this morning. I feel like something dried on the pavement after being run over by all eighteen wheels of each truck in a convoy. Ah, to be young again.

So! How’d you spend your weekend?

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5 Responses to Small, familiar damage alarms…

  1. Matt says:

    Seems like overkill for those little trees. Might want to consider fencing around them to protect them from rabbits, deer and Javelina.

  2. Joel says:

    Overkill? Very possibly. But Landlady and T killed a small orchard of perfectly innocent fruit trees using lesser measures. Granted, halfway through digging the second 8X8X8 hole, M came to his senses so the second hole (the one with only one tree) isn’t nearly as big or deep.

    The baby trees are now surrounded by string fences with lots of flapping caution tape. That has worked well in keeping Landlady’s sole apple tree uneaten for the past two springs. So far. Rabbits don’t bother them, and we don’t have javelina. Deer and stray cattle are the only dangers.

  3. cave creek girl says:

    Looking forward to the Brandy and applesauce.

  4. MamaLiberty says:

    My boys have been busy this last week getting their trailer ready to move, so I go back and forth between cooking, laundry and setting up the tire stacks in the garden. Got the snow peas and swiss chard planted yesterday, and it is raining today, so I have high hopes.

    Only had two tire stacks planted last summer, and already have 6 ready to go now – beside the one already planted. But now I want to find some straw/hay bales and try that for raised bed type gardens. Forgot to bookmark that article, so will have to go looking for it again. 🙂

    That house looks nice, Joel. 🙂

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