Smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo…

…Don’t tell me I’ve nothing to do.

Last week was wood-cutting, for which I got paid. This week it’s been mostly trash-hauling, which should wrap up tomorrow. Today was the worst, since I already got all the fence-wire and big crap out of this big dog kennel that a neighbor had filled with years worth of crap. What few plastic bags he’d used had long since succumbed to UV, and a lot of it had sort of composted and gotten really compacted. Of course this was just a paradise for the rats: In places the rat crap was as thick as the garbage.

Four hundred pounds of it, by the truck scale at the landfill. And it had to be taken out of there pretty much one tin can and broken beer bottle at a time. I covered the whole thing with a big piece of plastic that needed to go to the dump anyway, and then held that down with a cat-cradle of old straw bale twine. Hey, it’s a living.

With my other hand I’m also getting stuff done on the Lair. Yesterday morning I finished all the ceiling insulation, just in time to get Landlady’s big ladder back to her. I’ve a little left to do on wiring, and then I’ll work in earnest on the wall insulation. For a brief, shining moment I thought I might have enough fiberglass matting that I wouldn’t have to use old clothes as wall insulation, but that no longer looks like a winner. But still, there’ll be a lot less old clothes in the walls than I thought, and at least that ceiling is done. Now all I have to do is figure out how I’m going to cover it.

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