Smoky afternoon – and a care package

It’s been going on all weekend but is much more noticeable this afternoon…

It’s from a controlled burn many miles from here and it happens quite often in summer – though considering how windy it’s been today I’m kind of wondering how “controlled” this one still is. Whatever, it’s got Kleenex and antihistamine vendors doing great business all through the area.

A Torso Boy report: He seems to be doing great. Almost back to his old self, his appetite has returned, he wants to go in the Jeep again, and his byproducts are beginning to look more like turds and less like Flint tapwater. To be completely honest he was showing some signs of recovery before we ever went to the vet; I suspect a 30-hour fast was the first remedy. But the bland diet and pills will continue for a while. And no Spam.

And what with everything else I completely spaced on acknowledging a care package that arrived just before the weekend…

Somebody hit my Amazon wishlist to the tune of a Leatherman holster, which I was really starting to need. Thank you! Also a couple of people hit the tip jar since yesterday afternoon, and that is also much appreciated. The sudden trip to the vet was expensive and quite in excess of the care fund remaining from bringing him here last year, so it pretty much came out of my propane budget. I do appreciate the support!

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4 Responses to Smoky afternoon – and a care package

  1. Bill says:

    “Flint tapwater” That made me laugh!

  2. bill says:

    Glad Laddie is on the mend. Tough little guy. None of my business but he looks like he could lose a couple of lbs on that long short legged body of his….just from my experience with a dachshund that I still miss terribly though it has been 5 years this month.

  3. Joel says:

    Bill, everybody says that at first acquaintance, but Corgis are just built to look like potatoes. Truth is that’s all fur and skin. You can feel his ribs quite easily. I looked at x-rays of him Saturday and in that view he looks like a rather skinny dog with short legs. He is heavy, though, 35 pounds and a bit. And yeah, they’re prone to joint problems when they get older.

  4. RCPete says:

    The feds are now calling them “prescribed burns” after a few dozen incidents of out-of-control burns.

    Good luck with Torso Boy. Our Sara (lab-aussie cross) has seizures that go back to liver issues. She gets milk-thistle every day to help the liver. It helps a bit, but at 15 years and with some brain damage, we don’t know how long she’ll last.

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