So around five this morning, the boys went to Defcon One…

Up near the county road, miles from here, there’s a big herd of calves running around. Every time I see them they wander farther from the water tanks, looking for grass. This morning it seems I had one in my yard.

103_3938I know because it left me a present.

But if it came all this way to eat my garden plants – as happened last year – it left disappointed. I’ll probably lose them all to some other calamity, but this year my garden is proof against $%^* cattle.


Geiger Counter Guy called this morning and put off the arsenic caps job because he had to go to town. I suppose I could have hooked up with D&L, but I’ve got a bunch of half-done stuff around my own yard and it turned into such a pretty day. So I washed all the laundry that’s been piling up…103_3942The sweatshirts haven’t quite been put away for the season, but the long underwear is done till sometime in November. Yay!

…and I played worked in the garden for a while. Peas are coming up.103_3940

And I finished cleaning up the enormous mess some pack rat had made of my woodshed. All together I think I used just under one cord of wood all winter. It’s a small cabin and I don’t heat it to shirtsleeves temp most of the time, but that’s still unusually little. Past two winters it seemed like I was always scrounging wood. But this was a nice mild one. I’ve got quite a head start on next winter. 103_3946And that pack rat has worn out its welcome.103_3951

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