So God Made a Bloomberg.

Oh, boy. This is good.

God said, “I need somebody with no charm, no charisma, and no compelling reason to ever serve in government to nonetheless buy his way onto the ballot, then buy his way into the mayor’s office, then buy off the city council to eliminate the two-term limit on mayoral service. And then I need him to spend nine figures buying his way into the Democrat primary, because there would be nothing more hilarious than watching a broken down old socialist get robbed, again, by yet another New York crony who is the life-size poster child for everything that’s wrong with modern capitalism.”

So God made a Bloomberg.

It has occurred to me that Democrats may actually find themselves faced with a choice between a communist and a monarchist.

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5 Responses to So God Made a Bloomberg.

  1. matismf says:

    You seem to be forgetting ButtGag…

  2. Ben says:

    Bloomberg is pretending to be a Democrat in pretty much the same way that Trump pretends to be a gun-loving, family-values-loving Republican.

    A pox to both.

  3. Winston Smith says:

    Ben, you nailed it.

    Bloomer is also an idiot. I don’t know how he amassed his fortune. He is spending lots of money on tv ads in TN which is a STRONGLY conservative state. We ALWAYS vote repub (or rhino, depending). I mean, we are the home state of Al Gore (winston hangs head in shame) who lost TN by 14 points.

  4. TK421a says:

    I guess this is proof that even God isn’t perfect… 😉

    @ Ben, you hit the ball right out of the park. I pretty much think the US of A is pretty much screwed, and that means the rest of us who are outside the US are pretty much screwed too.

  5. Paul B says:

    heard today he will not be added to the ballet until after Super Tuesday.

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