So I’m watching this hurricane half a continent away…

…because it’s barreling down on my big brother, like half of them seem to do…

Texted him this morning to see if he was riding it out or bugging out. Few minutes later he sent me a photo…

He was cutting branches away from power lines when his ladder went sideways on him. Not hurt at all but he took a bump. He’s got another day or so to finish battening down, he’s got a lot of experience doing it, and he figured that was safer at this point than trying to get out of the way by way of the turnpike.

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6 Responses to So I’m watching this hurricane half a continent away…

  1. Wayne says:

    At 73 it’s my observation we simultaneously grow more fragile and more stubborn as we age. Essentially we resist externally imposed change as best we can. Maybe it’s an inherent design to clear out the deadwood for the next generation?

  2. Ratus says:

    “…cutting branches away from power lines…”

    That is not a smart thing to do yourself, ever.

    One, any mistakes and ZAP! You are going to have have a bad day.

    Two, you don’t trim your trees just before a storm because they aren’t going to pick it up before it hits. You just created a new pile of debris that will get picked up by the wind and launched at your or someone else’s house.

    Most of what you should be doing is bringing any objects that will go flying around inside and putting up you storm shutters.

    Of course, having moved north out of South Florida and into Central Florida I don’t have any storm shutters to put up.

    It’s not too bad, the last couple of storms were weakened by having to travel through all the terrain between me and the coasts.

    Tell your brother, good luck and to stay as safe as he can.

  3. Mike says:

    Joel, your big bro is a lucky guy. Cutting around power lines is a recipe for bad things. I’m glad he came away from the fall with only a few bumps.

    As for the storm, I hope that it doesn’t live up the the weathertainer hype.

  4. Mark Matis says:

    Tell your BB he needs to get him a FIBERGLASS ladder instead of that aluminum one. Non-conductive is a primary consideration for work around spits-en sparkum smoken fumin.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Looks like he has a large yard to take care of. Tell him to come to the gulch…for his retirement.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Prayers up that BB stays safe and suffers no storm damage. Life’s an adventure.

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