Some assembly required…

I was completely sure this was going to be a fiasco, and in fact the driver had gone through town and was headed for Utah when he called for directions. But it smoothed right out once we got him turned around, and now everything for the bedroom shell except the roof – which had to be ordered – is at Landlady’s barn.

So glad he came early in the day, too…

I’ve got work to do, but I was afraid to do it for fear of missing the phone call in the noise of the diesel. Now if the rain will just hold off, this might be a productive day.

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8 Responses to Some assembly required…

  1. Ben says:

    That will be a historical photo. The official groundbreaking!

  2. MJR says:

    And so the adventure begins. I hope the annoyances are kept to a minimum and in times to come they are things to look back upon and laugh about.

  3. Edward says:

    Say! Since one end will of the BR will be high in the air, don’t forget to insulate the heck out of it, and come to think of it, a trap door for emergency exits would not be a bad idea, so long as those rattlers and scorpions don’t find your underfloor zone of their liking. You may need more steel mesh for the “basement” 😉

  4. Zelda says:

    Are you wearing hearing protection and a hard hat????

  5. Kentucky says:

    . . . and Kevlar garments and at least one steel-toed boot and . . .


  6. Ben says:

    … and don’t forget the condom.

  7. Kentucky says:

    . . . and goggles . . . polarized IR-reducing wrap-around MIL-SPEC tactical goggles . . .

  8. John says:


To the stake with the heretic!