Something sad is happening…

The two or three of you who haven’t already, go read Claire’s post about what may well be the sad demise of the quirky, occasionally chuckleheaded, frequently dysfunctional but invariably uncompromising JPFO I’ve loved for years.

I’ve thought a lot since reading about it last night, and finally decided I’ve never been involved enough with either organization to rate an opinion. The few known facts, reinforced by Codrea’s very careful Examiner article, seem to support Claire’s take on the whole sorry mess.

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  1. Buck says:

    I dunno. SAF just body slammed the Cali DOJ on the ridiculous 10 day wait. They also helped pull the “good cause” provision out of the CCW process making the whole thing essentially shall issue. We’ll see on that last. As much as it pains me to grovel for my natural rights I am applying for the CCW.

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