Sometimes just a quick change of bait does it…

…and buys an obnoxious mouse a broken neck and a quick flight off the cliff in front of Ian’s Cave.

She avoided her well-deserved fate for a couple of days – but fell prey to the allures of peanut butter.

I seem to be having one of those summers, rodent-wise: I killed a mouse and then (judging from the results) the rat I was gunning for on my porch, but when I set the rat trap again just to be sure it got its bait cup cleaned out without tripping, which says I probably have nocturnal mice there as well. Glad I have a couple of new mousetraps. But the one that got this girl is going back to the reloading bench. Just to be sure. The “Please Don’t Piss on the Precision Measuring Devices” sign didn’t seem to be working.

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5 Responses to Sometimes just a quick change of bait does it…

  1. Malatrope says:

    Is the picture a “Find The Dead Mouse” puzzle?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yup… The ‘decedent’ is below the whiteish rock in the sort of center of the photo and off a bit to the left just below a orange/sand colored rock.

  3. Charlotte A. boord says:

    Would the chickens have been interested in the carcas?

  4. EdH says:

    It’s probably not a good idea to feed wild critter carcasses to anything. Too many diseases and parasites and what not.. Including Bubonic Plague.

    For Tobie’s entertainment:

  5. Joel says:

    Charlotte: In general the chickens haven’t shown a lot of interest in dead mice. There have been exceptions.

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