“Sorry, Tobie. That didn’t take as long as planned.”

What a lovely day! It’s March, so this won’t last…

Just three or four days ago it was too cold and blustery for the old man to want to spend any real time outdoors, but now I barely want to come inside.

Last month Ian cleared out his powershed of accumulated junk and left a bunch of old plywood scraps and such to be gotten rid of, so this morning Tobie and I spent an hour over there cutting it up and disposing of it in Ian’s burn barrel. Then after lunch I did some more yard cleanup, fixed the handrail on the porch stairs which had worked loose for some reason…

Then cast a meaningful eye on those three pallets leaning against the Lair…

Tobie was keeping me company…

…and I told him to cover his ears because so far he’s not crazy about being around power saws but my cool vintage Sawzall that BB gave me doesn’t make that much noise. And I already know that, unlike my table or circular saws, the Sawzall runs just fine on house current.

Unfortunately, Tobie didn’t have anything to worry about because my pallet-chopping chore didn’t last two minutes. The blade suddenly detached from the shaft and left me staring stupidly at the uselessly whirring saw…

Because the … I don’t know what it’s called but now I need a new one … broke right in half and left me stranded.

The pinchy thing. That holds the blade on old-style saws. I needs one – and apparently a spare, once I find a source.

ETA: Clamp! Of course that’s what it’s called. Found one on ebay, upon which I have never shopped, but that was just the first reference that came up. Doubt I’ll have a problem.

ETAA: Okay, they’re right on Amazon. Not surprising, must be a commonly-needed part. Surprisingly expensive for such a little thing, but not outside my price range.

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5 Responses to “Sorry, Tobie. That didn’t take as long as planned.”

  1. Paul B says:

    nice to find a part that fast. Got my electric bike working. Went on their site and asked what I was doing wrong, some back and forth, and I got a manual. There is a power switch I did not see. working bike. I like the adaptive pedal feature. Good luck with your part.

  2. Ben says:

    I remember that you had another sawzall or two way back. Are they still around and do they use the same blade squeezy thingy?

  3. Joel says:

    Ben, I have two inferior recip saws but they both have a much newer method of mounting the blade.

  4. Flatlandclimber says:

    Mr Hermit –

    I possess a similar saw… the same model, I believe.

    It was given to me by a friend when the switch failed, and I have never gotten around to replacing it.

    It’s in a steel box with a few random blades. You are welcome to it as a parts saw – I already have a recip that runs fine.

    The only problem is that it’s in Omaha, Ne. I’ll check to see how bad the shipping would be, but I’m not hopeful.

  5. Flatlandclimber says:

    Hmmm .. I just went and looked at it.

    I think it’s the same saw. Looks like many years in a hot garage has broken down the grease in the gearbox – a bit of light oil has migrated out.

    I’d guess 15lbs. UPS says $30ish to 85001. I’ll check other options tomorrow, and if you can make use of it I’ll handle shipping.

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