Spent some donated money on a new tool today…

Today was supposed to be a big painting day, and the big question I pondered as I lay awake before rising was “How the hell am I going to paint the top of the peak?” I did it two years ago with ladder and 6′ scaffold, and I still remember every minute. Your old Uncle Joel’s a little afraid of heights.

Why this not-exactly-secret issue didn’t stop me from building an 18′ tall cabin with extremely steep roof, which would surely require maintenance, I really can’t imagine. But I blame Google.

Anyway: I only owned one roller extension, and it’s only four feet long.

And that's as high as I can possibly make it reach, holding it with the ends of my fingers.

And that’s as high as I can possibly make it reach, holding it with the ends of my fingers.

And climbing as high on the ladder as I dared, you can see how high I succeeded in painting this morning.

Obviously I can do better than that. I mean, somebody painted it last time, right? Sure. That was me. Straighten out the ladder and I can get to the top of the cabin. Reaching out from the very shaky ladder. With no one around to keep me company while I lay dying. Yeah. Like I said. Lying awake in bed. Remember it from two years ago. Every minute.

So I’m buying paint this afternoon and it comes to me: I need to do this at least every other year. And every time I wish I had a long extendable pole. It’s not like that would be the only seasonal tool I own. A cheap one isn’t really very expensive.

It wasn’t in the budget, but I came home with one anyway. At full extension it’s really floppy, so I also bought a thick roller cover. And that means I should be able to paint the very scariest parts of the cabin without even using a ladder.

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11 Responses to Spent some donated money on a new tool today…

  1. Ben says:

    Shiny tools. Some say they are the one single thing that distinguishes us humans from the rest of the animal kingdom. Personally, I suspect our opposing thumb has something to do with it though.

    Brains? No. I’ve met too many other humans over the years. I find opposing thumbs to be far more universal among humans than usable brainpower..

  2. Andrew says:

    In two years, if you use primer first, it should be four or more years before you need to repaint.

  3. Judy says:

    And being X number of years older the next time you paint, staying on terra firma will be even more important than this time. Good call on the extension pole!

  4. feralfae says:

    Um, you could prime the remainder of it prior to painting it, and then you’d only need to re-do that lower corner in two years, yes?
    So glad you got the extension pole.

  5. Mark Matis says:

    Except, feralfae, the paint he applies now will fade over the next two years. And if he then only re-paints the lower corner, his humble abode will look even MORE like Chalmun’s Cantina. Although it probably still would need the dead Roombas strewn about to get the proper effect…

  6. Norman says:

    As time passes you will find a multitude of other uses for that pole. Probably not an issue for you, but amazon (and others) sells an attachment for them that holds a spray can which can be string-operated, useful for wasp nests in high places, and various implements can be attached with the universal tool, duct tape. A friend even uses a 3-section 18 footer to mount a TV antenna on car camping trips (a non sequitor, certainly, but there’s no accounting for taste).

    One thing I’d really like to have, but absolutely no one seems to make, is a squeeze / pickup tool that can be attached to the threaded end and operated by string as well. 3 foot pickup tools are handy as heck and sold everywhere, but there’s nothing available for those of us who, say, need to set a mouse trap in place 12 feet away. or retrieve the resulting effect, or the occasional irretrievable object dropped somewhere.

  7. feralfae says:

    Had not thought about the fading of the paint. Hmmmm. Oh well, what if he used primer over the entire wall now, and even painted over the already-applied paint? Would it make that side a four-year re-do instead of a two-year re-do?

    I have a 14-foot long bamboo tool with a hook on the end, which is used to 1) hang fairy lights in the ponderosa pine in the yard, 2) hang outdoor Christmas decorations 3) retrieve and clean high-hanging birdhouses and 4) hang suet feeders high in trees. Might work for placing and retrieval of mouse traps, maybe. It was created by Doug to hang birdhouses high in trees. Duct tape was used liberally in its creation. :)

  8. MJR says:

    Any tool that let’s a person not have to face heights and gravity is a worthwhile investment in my book. At our age gravity is not our friend.

  9. Steve D. says:

    Just a thought, it seems it would be kinda nice (and relatively easy to build) to have a balcony and a door where that window is, then the painting would be from balcony level every year or two. I share your age related height fear.

  10. coloradohermit says:

    As a fellow heights fearer, that looks like an excellent solution. Good call!

  11. mark says:

    immana go with duct tape and several short poles vs buying long and shiny.

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