Spring is (provisionally) here.

Wash’t here a few days ago. May not be here a few days from now. But today and through the weekend it’s supposed to be nice.

And by nice…

…I mean not only mild in temperature but also in wind. And in the high desert, the price we pay for mild temperature is often damaging wind. I took this picture earlier this week at the laundromat where we fill our water bottles. I remember when this place changed hands, and the new owner put a lot of work into sprucing the place up, including this new flag and banners. Wasn’t that long ago. Kind of feel bad for him.

Yesterday and today I’ve been finding excuses to play outside, with hardly any wind, no threat of rain, and shirtsleeve temperatures by mid-morning. Had to take the show indoors and open the window, though, because I ate the last of my homebaked bread for breakfast and needed to replace it…

Always a pleasant and relaxing chore. I’ve been doing this so long now that it’s all autopilot, followed by pleasant odors. Have to keep my eye on Tobie afterward, though: That boy has developed into the champion counter surfer of all time, and as far as he’s concerned if I didn’t want him to have it I should have protected it more carefully. Right?

Nothing much of note going on here at the Secret Lair. I’m just enjoying the first undependable signs of real spring.

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2 Responses to Spring is (provisionally) here.

  1. Ben says:

    Speaking of outdoor jobs, have you ever checked out your Jeep shift linkage?

  2. Mike says:

    The laundry mat owner got off lucky. We just had a storm that brought high winds and plenty of ice. Latest info has several thousand in eastern Ontario and Quebec still without power and a few hundred being taken to hospitals for carbon monoxide poising.

    Enjoy the sunny weather. Before you know it, it will be in crotch-pot cooking season. 🙂

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