Spring wind

When I looked at the forecast a few days ago, I wrote off Tuesday for most outdoor activities. When the only thing the weatherman can think to say about a high desert day in April is “windy,” he probably means it.

This is where my driveway spills out onto the wash. Can’t even tell Tobie and I were here a couple hours ago. April is always windy. But there’s windy and then there’s “what percentage of a gale is it?” I’m getting 30mph gusts down in my hollow; that’s nothing to what’s happening on the ridgetops.

Spring wind didn’t used to bother me much, but the older I get the wimpier I get. Nice and warm, though. That makes a big difference.

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2 Responses to Spring wind

  1. Mike says:

    Joel, I understand why you don’t have a windmill. 💨🍃

  2. AZDave says:

    It blew like that along the Colorado River. I had to batten down three of my covered vehicles.

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