You guys are awesome. Stop sending money for LB’s grave marker, we’re almost at 200% since the last time I looked.

With your consent, I’ll pledge any surplus to another fund raiser currently taking pledges – gas expenses for the guy who might (if that decision is made, which is still a week or two away) be driving Mama Liberty’s dog, Laddie the Highly Intolerant, from the Great White North to the Gulch. As of the last time I looked, that pledge will put that fund raiser close to the top.


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11 Responses to Stop!

  1. coloradohermit says:


  2. Bear says:

    You might spend the excess on a ramp, so that short-legged SOB can get in and out of the house without being carried.

  3. Claire says:

    I second the whoohoos, though I didn’t manage to donate to this fundraiser. Through all the sorrow of dogs dying (many of them too young), it’s a delight to see those hilarious gravestones.

    I had the privilege of knowing many of those critters buried on Boot Hill and I know how perfectly true their epitaphs are. I couldn’t begin to come up with such apt descriptions.

  4. Charlotte boord says:

    You have my permission, gladly.

  5. William says:

    I agree with Bear about the ramp. Truly important to avoid back issues for the short legged.

  6. Mark Matis says:

    Far better to continue the donations and get him a stair lift:

  7. Laddie the Highly Intolerant. Sounds like my kind of dog.

  8. Joel says:

    😀 Just got an email from the guy he’s living with…

    …also, your commentators do not need to worry about Laddie making it up stairs. He made it up the dozen and a half stairs at Susan’s house several times a day. She slept in the basement and came up to the main level and Laddie was underfoot the whole time. If anything, it kept him flexible and spry. So, you can save the Home Depot run =)

  9. William says:

    It’s not going up stairs that is much of an issue. It’s the jumping down from heights that is the problem. Short legged dogs with long spines are prone to back injury from jumping down off beds, steps, or couches etc. I don’t mean to harp. It is that I have been heartbroken seeing this happen.

  10. John says:

    Sometimes I get behind. Reading posts. But hey. Worse could happen. And Laddie (LHI). Good shot at good home, worth a little oops…

  11. jabrwok says:

    Short legged dogs with long spines are prone to back injury from jumping down off beds, steps, or couches etc.

    A narrow ramp down the side of the stairwell should be enough to avoid that problem, assuming LHI can be trained to use it.

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