Stupid waterer

When there are chicks I have to go to Landlady’s place at least twice a day to check on them. They go through way more than one feeder’s worth of food per day, and then there’s troubles like this…

I have a couple of these stupid cheap-ass plastic waterers from when we first started raising chickens. I keep them for chicks because they fit in the cage, but I hate them. Sometimes the threads on the bottom pull right loose and dump all the water. And sometimes, as happened last night, when they’re not on a perfectly level surface you can get a bottle-emptying siphon thing going and a whole bunch of very thirsty chicks by morning.

They’re fully feathered now but I want them to get a little bigger before I open the cage and let them transition to General Pop. Hopefully by now the hens are sufficiently used to their presence that the ritual fitting-in-to-the-pecking-order won’t get bloody.

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2 Responses to Stupid waterer

  1. Judy says:

    Amen, on the plastic waterers! I switched to a rubber bucket as fast as the chicks could reach over the lip to get a drink.

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