Sure is hot for early May…

Looks like the temp is going to peak at 94. In the shade, of course. It’s supposed to moderate a bit coming on toward the weekend. Figures we’d go straight from “late winter” to “SUMMER” without a whole lot of transition.

And I haven’t got a lot done today, but a few things…

Went out early while it was still cool and took the form off yesterday’s grave marker pedestal. Could have come out better, but it’s been a few years since I poured one and I kind of forgot the knack…

The second one will be better. Hit them with some paint and nobody will be the wiser.

Came home to make bread while it was cool…

…and looking at that picture reminds me of something: Does anybody out there reflexively save bread bags but not have a use for them? Because those are so much better than the ones I buy on line, and if you don’t want them I sure could use some.

While the bread was rising, since it really was going to be too hot to do anything substantial outside unless you start earlier than I did, I fixed a problem with the bedframe that’s been bugging me.

The bedframe I got from the local thrift store was missing a couple of important parts, which I sort of improvised back in October. Didn’t get it quite the right size for the mattress, or quite square. It worked, but it bugs me every evening. Finally got around to taking the whole thing loose and fixing it.

Then after the bread came out of the oven I went outside and fixed something else that’s been bugging me…

I wasn’t surprised when that gutter union leaked water. I was disappointed when two attempts at caulk couldn’t fix it, though. Finally gave up and hit it with a layer of waterproof wrap that BB sent me last summer, and that fixed it right away. Really didn’t want to do that to a brand-new gutter, but a coat of paint and nobody will be the wiser.

Heat and drought or no heat and drought, May is my favorite month. The cliff roses are in bloom! It’s finally officially Spring! (Even though I’ve been dressing like this for the past several days…

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9 Responses to Sure is hot for early May…

  1. Ben says:

    Next time oil the inside surface of those forms. That gives you much smoother surfaces. Another old trick is to use a hammer to judiciously tap around the outside of your just-filled form to displace bubbles in the mix.

  2. Joel says:

    Ben, I don’t really want the surfaces – especially the top surface – all that smooth. Construction adhesive needs to stay bonded in a whole lot of extreme weather. So far, a little rough has proven better.

  3. JC says:

    Bread bags? Of course I save ’em. You can’t have ’em though. Being but an effete city dweller, I us ’em for lunch a couple times and then use ’em for freezer bags. Baching it makes for simple remedies..

  4. Norman says:

    RE: bread bags. 1) I use very little bread, but you’re welcome to what wrappers I do generate. I’ll ping you via email for the snail mail addy when I have a handful, it may be a while. 2) Somewhat off topic, and haven’t seen mention of it in years, but I recall a news item about people turning empty bread wrappers inside out and using them to carry their daily sandwiches, thereby self-exposing to the icky stuff in the ink used to decorate the external surfaces of the wrappers.

    Which strikes me, if actually true (it was in the MSM, after all, so extreme suspicion is warranted) as Brain Failure of the First Degree. Regardless of potential icky ink exposure; the wrapper exists to barrier-protect the edible contents from contamination, so it would seem that negative IQ points are required to deliberately negate that effect.

  5. John Venlet says:

    Haven’t saved a bread bag in years, Joel, but when I was a kid here in Michigan, my Mum saved them in spades, what with 8 kids and all eating brown bag lunches at school. The only reason Mum saved those bread bags though was for the winter months, when she’d have us put those bread bags over our shoes, prior to slipping on our buckle boots. Dang we hated those buckle boots and bread bags in the 60s, even more so when shoe boots came out and only the rich kids had them.

  6. Sendarius says:

    Of course I save bread bags, but as JC says, you can’t have ’em.

    I use them to store blocks of cheese after breaking the vacuum seal.

    I swear there must be something in the bread that lingers in the bag, because since I started doing that, the cheese never seems to go moldy before I finish it.

  7. Mark Matis says:

    So 9 May is your first day this year where a window a/c unit might have been worthwhile? Looking to keep track of when the heat backs down to the point where that would no longer be the case.

  8. Zelda says:

    If your bread is getting moldy in those bags, are you possibly putting your bread in them when it is still even a little warm? because that will cause condensation and mold. If your bread is totally cold then try wrapping it in paper towels or a thin cotton dishtowel before you put it in the bag.

  9. Joel says:

    Yeah, learned my lesson about that years ago. They will indeed go moldy fast if you put them in the bag warm.

    Hadn’t considered wrapping them in a thin dish towel inside the plastic bag – it happens I have a bunch of those, and will give it a try.

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