Testing the tensile strength of chicken wire…

I wonder how much more of this the chickens’ top cover could have taken?

They absolutely freaked out when I started flailing about with a shovel, BTW. Chickens is stoopid.

On a completely different subject…

Private to whomever sent me this (and I apologize that I don’t remember who) This is damned good coffee! DAZBOG? Lots of Cyrillic on the packaging, it either has or is pretending to have some connection to Russia for some reason. Pretty sure they don’t grow much coffee in Russia, but whatever. This is damned good coffee, easily the equal of my gone and lamented TJ House Blend. Thank you!

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3 Responses to Testing the tensile strength of chicken wire…

  1. travellingmanblog says:

    Great backstory, maybe a bit of boasting of the roasting, but might be interesting to try some of their stuff. https://dazbog.com/

  2. jed says:

    The only drawback to Dazbog vs. TJ is that it’s about twice the price, or more. But then, so are all the other gourmet coffees. I don’t know how TJ’s manages to hit their price point.

  3. Joel says:

    Oh, absolutely. That’s what I always loved about TJ coffee – decent coffee you can afford. I wanted to order some Black Rifle coffee just because, till I saw what it sold for. I immediately lost my enthusiasm.

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