Thank you, Trump…

So many times in the past couple of years I’ve been tempted to come out and … not support, god knows, but defend Donald Trump in more than the most grudging terms. He has held up well, I think, under an endless onslaught of negative press, much of it quite unfair. His record of achievement in office, while not exactly epoch-marking, hasn’t been as embarrassing as I expected. And to be completely fair to a man who at this point has to be the most investigated individual in the history of opposition research, the fact that he’s still in office at all must mean he’s been a closet saint all these years.

He came to the campaign, after all, a famously unpleasant, crass, vulgar, sleazy oaf of a real estate tycoon and reality television show star. Only Hillary Clinton could have lost a presidential election against such a renowned boor. But she did, so I said – against all expectations – thank whatever gods there may be for Donald Trump.

That doesn’t mean I liked the man. And a couple of days ago, bless his heart, he reminded me why not.

All through the campaign we heard Trump shout paeans to the greatness of Wikileaks! It was one of his mantras…

Then this past week Ecuador threw Julian Assange out of its London embassy after – what, seven years? I guess he went stir crazy and started making more trouble than he was worth. Anyway, he went directly into the waiting arms of British cops and you could practically hear American knives being sharpened in the background. The deep state HATES that guy.

And what did our beloved, heroic president do to show his appreciation for all Assange’s help?


But thank you, Mr. President, for reminding us why we shouldn’t trust you for anything. I have to kind of love you for having all the most despicable enemies, but appreciate the reminder that that doesn’t make you yourself in any way virtuous.

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5 Responses to Thank you, Trump…

  1. Judy says:

    I think it’s just a matter of time before Julian Assange ‘commits suicide’.

  2. two ogres says:

    The charge(s) that Assange is being extradited on pre-date the election by six years. Nothing to do with hillary’s emails that was not an external hack that was a direct sale of stolen merchandise. Remember Seth Rich IF you wanted to protect someone what would you do?

  3. Anon says:

    Assange is currently being held by the Metropolitan police for skipping bail for which he could face up to 12 months. Sweden is also considering reissuing the original charges for which he was bailed for. Should they do so their charges predate warrants issued by the USA and his extradition to Sweden will take priority.
    If he does go to Sweden then his extradition to the USA would probably be blocked by their legal system, which makes California look like raging Nazis, on humanitarian grounds.

  4. Mike says:

    I have zero expectations from elected officials other than strong stupid and massive graft.
    I’m rarely disappointed.

  5. joe tentpeg says:

    2 yrs. of the ‘Russia hoax’…and no russians in Mueller’s report.

    All of sudden Assange is finally booted for extradition.


    Assange told Hannity 2 years ago he didn’t get the dems’ emails from the russians but hinted the source was within Hiligula’s corrupt crowd.

    In the months ahead look for him to cop a plea testifying to that and the whole ‘Russia Hoax/SpyGate’ was a plot to 1…clear Hiligula, 2…remove Trump from office, and 3…if that wasn’t successful, stymie his administration for 2 years.

    Barrack Hussain O’Nixon?

To the stake with the heretic!