That escalated quickly…

Really didn’t even want to go to town this weekend. I’ve had all the “town” I want to see for a while, to be honest, and I have enough drinking water for another week.

But it’s bad practice not to top off necessities – like water – whenever possible, and anyway my conscience warned me I really needed to pick up my new eyedrop prescription. If I wait more than a week, they’ll send it back and I’ll no longer be greeted with a smile.

So I went.

As of this morning I had one pair of insulated work gloves, and they’re kind of worn, and Thursday they got soaked and mud-impregnated. This late in the season I didn’t want to break in a new pair, even though 2=1 & 1=0. Finally flipped a mental coin: For some reason the only place to buy decent insulated gloves in the little town nearest where we live is the feed store. I figured that if D&L wanted to stop at the feed store, I’d go shopping for gloves. If not, not.

They did. I really should have looked at the price of the pair I picked, because I was suddenly and to my surprise $30 poorer. Nice gloves, though.

I didn’t even want to go in the dollar store. Really just tagged along to be polite and maybe pick up some cheap munchies.

But they had some flour, and I’m about to fill my flour buckets thus wiping out my reserves. So – seven sacks at $2.50/sack = lots of money I hadn’t planned on spending, but now I won’t be haunted by the sight of my empty reserve shelf.

D asked if I had any other stops, to which I replied “No! Get me out of here before I spend again!”

During the trip I saw…

…that the cattle are starting to calf – one of those tiny babies still trailed an umbilical cord – and they’ve released the bulls for an early start on the next generation. I didn’t realize the cows were that far along, no wonder they released them so early.


…sometimes it just doesn’t pay to own a white horse. Bud likes to roll, and really seems to prefer mud.

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5 Responses to That escalated quickly…

  1. Rhonda Burnaman says:

    But, did you remember your eye drops?!?

  2. Joel says:

    🙂 Oh, yeah. Got the eye drops. The price on Timolol even came down.

  3. Mike says:

    Nice to see the pantry full. Full pantry = full belly and that’s a good thing. Those sure look like nice gloves, a lot better than my $3.99 specials made by the best slave labor that China can provide. One thing I’ve sure noticed since giving up that working for a living thing, those dimes and nickels sure turn into dollars in a hurry.

  4. Claire says:

    Why $30 gloves? It’s nice to be flush enough to do it for a change and I trust that those gloves were worth it for some feature or guarantee or … ?

    But what set those apart from the $12 or $15 insulated gloves you might find elsewhere?

  5. Joel says:

    They had two kinds of insulated gloves. One made it impossible to close my fist. One was perfectly comfortable.

    Honestly I’ve never seen such expensive gloves sold there, and if I’d looked at the price I’d likely have made a different choice. As it was I just sort of went into shock, paid the money, and didn’t re-think my actions until already in the truck and leaving.

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