That time I ran out of…

Any time I run out of some needed thing it tends to leave a mark. Several years ago the crappy little town nearest where I live ran out of matches. Seriously. In winter. Just when I was about out of them myself.

It’s not likely to happen again…

…unless something happens to the ludicrous stack of matchboxes in the pantry. 🙂 Weird thing is I don’t even use them for lighting the woodstove anymore – last two winters running I’ve used a propane torch – and the thought of running low still bugs me.

BTW if you ever decide to stock up on kitchen matches don’t get the “strike anywhere” kind unless you really plan to strike them on something besides the box. They cost twice as much and need so much more pressure to light than the “strike on box” kind that the box won’t survive till it’s empty.

Something I kept noticing whenever anybody used the permanent targets at the range with any centerfire long gun…

…they only got one shot at that 4-inch one because every time it was hit it flipped right around and landed on top of the rack. Kept meaning to fix that…

…and yesterday I finally remembered to take it off the rack and bring it home. Cut a couple of rings off the chain, and…

…now that’s probably fixed.

Went to town this morning…

…and I think a state law might have changed because all of a sudden most of the stores had these “You gotta wear a mask or you can’t come in” signs. Nobody actually tried to prevent me from coming in but yeah, some Karen standing behind me at the convenience store actually gave me a hard time about it. I was polite … you know, by a certain measure of polite. I might need to send away for a fright mask.

Got a nice surprise at the post office…

Big Brother found and rehabbed a nice old Milwaukee Sawzall for me! That’s going to come much in handy in a couple of months when it starts to cool off signaling woodcutting season, because my cheap (and only 2 years old) Craftsman corded saw is giving up the ghost. Thanks, BB!

Now it’s hot…

And I’m going to finish my lunch, open a beer and find myself a shady spot to hope for a breeze.

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6 Responses to That time I ran out of…

  1. Wayne K Wilson says:

    Get a Lone Ranger mask .

  2. TK421a says:

    I guess it’s simply a matter of the luck of the draw with power tools these days. Your Sawzall gives up the ghost after two years and my six-year-old $29 Chinese Sawzall made by “Power Fist” is still going strong.

    That Dimon C Feed sign is spot on. I’m just glad I’m not in the (not so) United States. Up here north of disorder, things are finally opening up.

  3. I saw a couple of youngsters wearing Guy Fawkes masks in PlastiCrap World a week or so back.
    If I need to mask up, I usually just wrap a bandana over my face, outlaw style. For some reason that appeals to me. I’ve been wearing it around my neck all the time and can just pull it up real quick if I “need” to. Or just want to.

  4. Fred Horn says:

    Regarding your craftsman sawzall, i bought a craftsman sawzall at a yard sale 2 years ago including case and several blades for $1.00. And the damn thing works like a champ.

  5. Malatrope says:

    Every sawzall I’ve ever owned didn’t last worth a crap. Good luck with it!

    In other news, you did it again:

    I’m not playing around looking for you anymore (honest!) but Google is unfortunately an easy tool to use.

    [NOTE FROM JOEL: Look, if people want to privately speculate about the Gulch’s location, I don’t get the motivation but whatever: do as you will. But in the name of all that is sweet and fluffy, resist the temptation to publicly post your results. That’s just rude. If I have to stop posting photos on the blog, the blog will swiftly become no fun to do any more.]

  6. My county folded & started requiring masks, so I bought one; it’s the lower half of a skull. Doesn’t filter anything, as it’s made for paintball, but hey, they didn’t say what kind of mask, did they?

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