That world you guys are living in? It makes no sense.

When I was a boy, I lusted after my very own Boy Scout pocketknife. I was never a boy scout, but I did admire the folding knife. I eventually wore my elders down, and was allowed to save my dimes and make the purchase.
This privilege had a price: The Lecture. (Technically it wasn’t my father who gave me the lecture, because…well, actually I’m not sure my father ever knew I owned a knife. Or pants, for that matter. It was a complicated period, but I digress.) It was my brother-in-law who gave me the lecture, and it went something to the effect of, “You can keep this as long as you don’t leave it where the smaller kids can get at it or do anything else stupid. First infraction, I take it away.” I solemnly promised, and that was that. It seemed to make sense.

Fast-forward many, many years. My daughter lusted after one of those Victorinox “Swiss army knives”, the ones with the red handle.
It happened that I owned a good one, which I’d bought in China and carried for years but had recently retired in favor of a Leatherman. So I gifted it to her, and gave her the 21st century version of The Lecture…

“Never ever EVER under ANY circumstances are you to forget yourself and take this to school, okay? Not in your purse, not in your pocket, not anywhere. Don’t tell me it’s stupid, because I know it’s stupid. Follow this decree anyway. First infraction, they throw your young ass out of school and probably arrest you to boot.” She solemnly promised, and that was that, though it made no sense at all. As far as I know, she kept the promise.

It’s just the world we lived in. A major reason I left.

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8 Responses to That world you guys are living in? It makes no sense.

  1. Judy says:

    I heard the same lecture as you and gave a similar lecture to yours to my children.

    Your liberal/SJW teachers will flunk you if you express any of my very libertarian/constitutionalist views. Keep your head down, mouth shut, get the piece of paper and think your own thoughts. Really very sad.

  2. MamaLiberty says:

    Never had a knife until I was old enough to buy my own… but I had much the same lecture as Judy. Each day when I got home, mother would ask my sister and I what had been taught at school. Then mother would spend some time debriefing us, making sure we understood the problem of what had been “taught,” and the truth that went around and over it. We were also warned not to argue with the teachers (I tried hard) and to keep quiet about what mother was teaching us. Very confusing and frustrating at first, but I credit that with my thirst for truth ever after, and probably my curmudgeon nature overall. LOL My sister turned out quite different, but I love her anyway. LOL

  3. I still have the first pocket knife I ever got- I honestly don’t remember who gave it to me anymore. I haven’t carried it in decades, though. But it was in my pocket every single day while I was at kinderprison, from first grade on through graduation. Even took a big hunting knife with me a few times when some bully had threatened me, but never even had to pull it out.
    I know by the time I was in high school, such things were already against “the rules”. I’m sure I was really torn up over being forced to break the rules like that.

  4. guffaw1952 says:

    Yep. Agree, except I stayed.
    Many knives from the past are long gone, though.


  5. mcridge says:

    Have carried a Victorinix Swiss Army knife, probably a ‘Climber’ for dozens of years. It is equipped with scissors (wonderful1) and a saw and I have used it forever. Actually cut down a Christmas tree with the saw when I hiked into the freezing cold on a tree farm without the bow saw. Have used the saw for many of tasks in my career. Best ‘survival’ knife ever.

    Don’t remember when I started carrying a pocket knife, but I believe my father counseled me to always have a knife. Wow, how things have changed!

    Was refused entry into the county courthouse to renew my car tags by an (apologetic) sheriff’s deputy a few years back. Walked back to my car to put it in the glove box before being admitted to the sanctum sanctorum sans my knife.

    The best thing about the Victorinix is the warranty … just as good as Leatherman. Send it back and get a replacement or at least a partial credit toward a new one.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I gave my daughter a SAK Classic (the key chain knife – blade, file, scissors) a year ago with same warning. She does typical female teenager ‘crafty stuff’ and the little knife comes in handy for that. Probably get her a Leatherman tool soon, not too heavy because she doesn’t care for that. No taking to school – she gets that.

    Way different from my experience. In the 70’s, the ag 4Hers often carried a sheathed Buck knife on their belts and no one complained. Pocket knives were very common EDC and no surprise if we were digging out our lunch money to find a pocket knife there – it just stayed there.

  7. jon spencer says:

    We used to play mumblety-peg during recess in grade school. No one in authority complained.
    No stitches for anyone either, at least as I can remember.

  8. When I was in school (graduated in 1985), pretty much every boy carried some kind of knife — pocket knife or a sheathed folding knife of the general Buck variety, or a butterfly knife, whatever.

    One year after Christmas break, a friend of mine brought his shiny new 9mm pistol he’d received as a gift to school to show off. Nobody thought twice about it. Half the cars in the student parking lot were pickup trucks with gun racks and deer rifles.

    Nope, never a school shooting, or even a brandishing incident, that I can recall.

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