That’s a source of anxiety out of the way…

In my capacity as the local hermit I don’t need to deal with many scheduling conflicts. When L called me yesterday afternoon about Ghost’s euthanasia I momentarily forgot that I had also promised to help Neighbor D put up hay. I’ve been hyperventilating ever since, just knowing that the two calls would overlap.

Neighbor L (The other L – it gets confusing) got thrown from her horse and is still on light duty, she’s lucky not to be in a body cast, and so my attendance wasn’t really all that optional this time.

They keep 50 bales on hand, restocking 25 bales at a time. So hay day at D&L’s works up a good sweat without being a big exhausting ordeal. I blew out my rotator cuff last year so I’m not so good at bucking bales five high. But I’m fine for getting it off the trailer and handtrucking it into the barn. D has always been stronger than me, but he’s over 70 and a smoker. So I have better wind and can work steadily without distress, and he can perform feats of strength between breathing spells. Between us, we’re one strong man.

And I got a bale of straw out of the deal, which the Fortress of Attitude has needed for quite some time. “The smell of chicken manure is a sign of poor management,” somebody truthfully said.

Now I’m waiting to get the call from the other Neighbor L, to go help with Ghost.

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