That’s better.

Fixed the catwalk and stairs this morning.

The stairs are ugly but in good repair. I already knew the catwalk was held together with inertia and old memories, so it needed a complete rebuild. Since it was only to be half as big as before, I had plenty of material.

Then this afternoon I knocked together a side table out of parts left over. Not permanent but it’ll do while I’m working on “cute.” Cute is going to be a little time-consuming, but structurally the porch is done now. And I like it!

Ironically, though, this time of year it loses every vestige of shade right at the time when a guy is most likely to want to go outside and sit for a while. I’ve a feeling I’ll have a whole roof planned and maybe even parts collected by this time next year. But starting in July when the sun starts to dip a bit, the shadow will get a little longer and the porch will get a little better every day.

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4 Responses to That’s better.

  1. Ben says:

    How is LB doing with this new arrangement?

  2. Joel says:

    Once I got the flooring down he acted like he kind of dug it. Took a time or two for him to remember to turn left instead of going straight, but I had the same problem. And the stairs have always been a problem in that there wasn’t room for both of us at the top and there was always a tangle until I got the door open. Now there’s lots of room and we’re both liking that.

  3. coloradohermit says:

    Looking great and you’ll really enjoy a settin’ porch!

  4. Kentucky says:

    I’d slide the stairs over to the “front” edge of the porch to get away from the vent on your furnace. Yes, another railing to build, but when rassling with LB under less-than-wonderful conditions next winter, it would be just one less thing to deal with.

    JMHO . . . unsolicited, as usual.

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