The bright side of Monsoon

The four-oclocks and the blackeyed susans are in their glory…

Today, for the second time in the season – a first in my experience – I had to sort-of mow my sort-of lawn. The blackeyed susans are working their way all the way up to the pear tree, so in order to get to the burn barrel I actually had to selectively cut some down which hurt my heart a little bit.

Look! My front yard is mostly green. That hardly ever happens.

It’ll all die off, of course. But in the meantime it’s kind of a compensation for the joint aches and the daily rain and the occasional floods and the danger of property damage…

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7 Responses to The bright side of Monsoon

  1. Robert says:

    Ya gotta love a native plant that’s purty and takes no maintenance to thrive. And not trying to kill/maim you with defensive chemicals or pointy things.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wait a minute. You have a lawn mower. And landscape lighting.
    ‘Roughing it’ ain’t what it usta be.

  3. Joel says:

    Well, I have a recently-acquired string trimmer. You lost me on ‘landscape lighting.’

  4. malatrope says:

    Last picture, left of bottom, collection of three gizmos that look like steampunk landscape lights…?

  5. malatrope says:

    Meant to say “left of bottom of clump of trees”…need coffee….

  6. Joel says:

    Oooh. Okay, yeah. I dragged those things home like eight years ago and never found a use for them. They’re water fountain lights, probably cost a pretty penny once upon a time.

  7. jed says:

    I remember burn barrels. As a kid, when I was old enough to be “responsible”, I got the “job” of burning the trash. I tossed in an aerosol can, for fun.

    I could use one today. I have some old bound financial material that I don’t want to toss in the trash, but shredding it would be a PITA at best. Don’t have a fireplace, either.

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