The ebike is fixed! Electrically, anyway…

I’m working with two different flavors of headache this morning, because last night my always-suspect shower chair…

…decided to fold its legs and dump me on my geriatric ass. Which wouldn’t have been so bad, except a millisecond later the back of my head made high-velocity contact with the tiled wall, and…

Then just to be really smart while commiserating with myself I stayed up too late with a bottle of bourbon, and so we’re not hitting on all cylinders here at the Secret Lair. My head isn’t as bad as I deserve but my neck is killing me. But it’s happened before – in the course of a long life some shots to the head will land – and it’ll pass.

Anyway, one of the morning’s assigned tasks was to get the ebike’s electrics sorted out. And I did!

Monday, I think, somebody suggested that Radpower actually has a video on how to string a replacement harness through the frame. They make it look easy, and it really is much easier than I expected…

It wasn’t quite as easy as in the video but with some simple tools…

It really wasn’t bad at all.

BTW I can’t testify that that aftermarket skid panel saved me from any further damage but it certainly did no harm.

I got the new harness (yes, I ended up expending the new one, rather than try to straighten out a bent pin and then get the connectors to cooperate) straightened out in the frame, turned the bike rightside-up, plugged in a lot of connectors and then expended a whole bunch of zip ties…

…also gifts from a Generous Reader, BTW…

And the bike is now functional! Electrically, it works just fine.

Still a few issues. The derailleur is still misaligned but I can work around that. The kickstand bracket broke…

…and I thought at first I would have to negotiate with Radpower for a replacement but it turns out Amazon sells lots and I have to send away for a new mirror anyway. And speaking of replacement accessories…

I got this cheap pannier in 2019 and was never 100% happy with it but it worked … but it also turns out it’s not very durable.

So while I’m shopping for bike stuff – now that I know there’s a reason to – I guess I may as well see if I can improve on that, as well.

The week is going in the right direction, despite yesterday’s pistol-related disappointment. I fixed – or at least improved – the Jeep’s power steering on Sunday, and now I’ve repaired my ebike.

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11 Responses to The ebike is fixed! Electrically, anyway…

  1. malatrope says:

    Dang, that shower incident is scary. We have a shower seat my disabled wife has to use, and I’ve never trusted the Chinesium alloy that seems lighter than aluminum. I keep waiting for it to fracture and drive a leg right through her side. What’s the alternative, though? There seems to be nothing at all made that’s any better. I supposed I could wrap it up with duct tape or something.

    Congratulations on fixing the bike! I’m getting a cheap eBike in a few days, and I think the skidplate idea is fantastic. If I can’t buy one, I’ll build one.

    Buying anything from China is an exercise in continuous reconstruction, it seems.

  2. Ben says:

    Think outside the box! If there’s room in your shower stall, consider a plain plastic patio chair. Or go with whatever kind of (more or less) waterproof chair that you can lay hands on.

  3. Anonymous says:

    And congratulations on discovering that you really didn’t need “professional help”.

  4. Robert says:

    Joel, you are one handy guy! Good luck on a replacement chair/repair.

    malatrope: we had a chair give way mid-shower. Exciting. I almost immediately sorta-maimed the replacement chair with my knee trying to steady it for the showerer.

    Hereabouts, Joe/Jane Citizen is not allowed to buy a shower chair without a Genuine Doctor’s Prescription. Absurd. AND pawn shops in this state cannot deal in Durable Medical Equipment, so that’s out. It’s like some entity wants some kinda monopoly.

  5. malatrope says:

    Robert, Amazon likely doesn’t have delivery restrictions on medical equipment based on state. Just sayin’

  6. Robert says:

    malatrope: Good point.

  7. jabrwok says:

    Is there something special about a “shower chair” that distinguishes it from any other water-proof stool? I’d think a heavily-painted wooden stool would do the job, but maybe there’s something I’m misssing.

  8. Sendarius says:

    If you are buying bike stuff, order a new derailleur hanger, and maybe a spare.

    Whatever magic metal they are made of doesn’t take kindly to being bent and straightened, and getting them right is a real chore. Even on my big-buck road bikes, they are cheap enough to just replace once damaged.

  9. RB in GA says:

    I’ve used a teak stool I bought off of Amazon as a shower stool for the last 8 years with no real issues. I’ve had to sand it a couple of times and apply tung oil, but its still a solid as a rock. My guess is it will outlast me.

    Possible on the pannier

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m Joel and I’m too good for a cinder block.

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