The Fortress of Attitude, back in business

I’ve been held up by my re-injured shoulder and inclement weather in the form of spring gales. The shoulder still hurts but today was the first really pretty day we’ve had in a couple of weeks, so I needed to get this finished.

Somebody suggested ditching the ramp and replacing it with a landing stage, and that sounded like an idea. So I made one.

Then I asked four hens who wanted to go for a Jeep ride, and I got takers. Starting to think moving Seymour to the Big Chickenhouse was a mistake; one of these has been pecked bloody on her neck. I’ve rarely had success with them once that’s happened to them. Hopefully moving her here will work, since I don’t have anyplace else to put her.

Seymour’s in trouble, I’m afraid. And I was so pleased with him. :(

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One Response to The Fortress of Attitude, back in business

  1. John says:

    Seymour needs to go to some school really soon.
    His life may depend on it.
    He is just acting his nature.
    If he and his little brain but only knew a little more…

To the stake with the heretic!