The game camera has raised a question I’m hot to answer…

…why does it seem like so many animals are perfectly aware of it? Does it flash, or…

Seriously, the thing is actually quite well camouflaged at the moment. But the bucks frequently look right at it, and then last night I had these two come by…

…and the doe seemed to spot the camera, and then in the next two frames she and the fawn beat feet for Nebraska. Weird. When I bring it back to the Lair after a week or so, I’m gonna have to play with it in the dark and see what it does. I thought it was relying on infrared but maybe it’s flashing, I don’t know…

Also got a complete coyote last night. Also in a hurry to be elsewhere.

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10 Responses to The game camera has raised a question I’m hot to answer…

  1. The infrared lights are visible to them….

  2. Mike says:

    A lot of the heat released by objects in the natural environment is in the infrared. Essentially this means some animals can see heat in a way that humans can’t.

  3. Robert says:

    I can see mine flash red when the “invisible” IR goes off. Also, some times there is an audible click from, I suspect, a filter moving in or out of use.

  4. Robert says:

    Hey, kids, Mr. Wizard here! Some clothing has “invisible” stuff on ’em that makes ’em NSFW when viewed through a digital camera. Fun for the whole family!
    Joel, if this is a repeat, feel free to delete- the first time I got “connection to failed”.

  5. Kentucky says:

    They have awfully good hearing . . .

  6. Goober says:

    Mine has a little red flashing LED on it that I cover with electrical tape.

    They also make noise.

    Finally, it’s probably covered in Joel smell.

  7. paulb says:

    I would expect a light or noise. Light most likely. That will get them looking as there is a mometary lag between the light and release.

    Most of those critters are pretty scared so that would contribute.

  8. Even the IR emitters for the trigger have a very faint glow that is visible to wildlife, and people. I put a wireless IR camera in a tree on a wire fenced corner of my property once, cause trespassers were trampling the fence and cutting through. Bent the fences back up and waited…it was powered on, but not monitored overnight. A few days later, one fence was down, and a partial path was pushed through the weeds. It stopped right where someone could see the faintly glowing ring of IR leds fifteen feet up in the tree. Haven’t had a problem since.

  9. Bear says:

    Did some reading on the subject. Deer eyes are sensitive to blue/near UV and yellow, but are virtually blind to red. IR is right out. Their vision is apparently pretty blurry too, being optimized for motion detection rather than detail. I suspect they hear the thing clicking.

  10. Heathen says:

    What Bear said.
    Or your scent is still on the camera. Their nose is better than their eyes.

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