The Great Circle of Brass

I loaded nearly my last sized and primed .44 Special cases yesterday, which means…

…it’s time for another turn of the Great Circle of Brass.

Got the tumbler running while I went off, TB-less, on morning chicken chores…

Sometimes I walk to chicken chores – try to do that at least once a day though it doesn’t always work out. Sometimes I indulge in a nice quiet bike ride. And often I bounce over there in the loud Jeep just to please Torso Boy. But even when I resist the cute-begging of mutant dogs I still have to use the Jeep for chicken chores sometimes because there’s no water pressure in close proximity to the chickenhouse. So these 5-gallon jugs must go back and forth, and the Jeep is probably the only practical way to carry them full. One of these days I’ll try it on the bike, but gingerly and with precautions. There has been some discussion between Landlady and myself as to what happens when the Jeep finally irreparably breaks down, but that’s not really on the visible horizon.

Went to town yesterday…

For people like me, the craziness that is 2020 is just something to watch on the computer; literally the only way it affects me from week to week is blank spots on the ammo shelf at the local drugstore and the cost of beef. And even so I end up giving it a lot of thought. I can only try to imagine how it affects other people’s equilibrium (and sanity?)

But you guys do have one thing going for you…

…the smell of moisture on trees. I got a whiff of it yesterday at the local library, and it took me way back to moist days in Michigan. A lovely forgotten scent.

You guys try to enjoy your holiday.

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10 Responses to The Great Circle of Brass

  1. terrapod says:

    A hand wave from MI.

    Along with that nice green pant smell and gentle moisture at 5AM is 90 degrees and sweltering humidity by 10AM, not to mention needing to mow the lawn twice a week most of the summer. Enjoy the desert, it too has it’s charms, especially at sunrise, then you skedaddle to the shade and sit under the swamp cooler 😉

  2. R says:

    Mid-afternoon it’s only 88 with 43% humidity and a nice breeze the next county over from Detroit. Perfectly comfortable sitting in the shade but I probably wouldn’t want to run a marathon.

    Unfortunately the mosquito to firefly ratio has become unfavorable over the last couple of evenings.

  3. The Neon Madman says:

    Ah, yes, the great circle of brass….

    I keep three lots of .38 . Shoot lot #1, then start prepping/loading it while shooting lot #2. When lot #2 is done, lot #1 has been loaded and I am shooting lot #3. The system works pretty well.

  4. John of the GMA says:

    Oh,yazzz – petrichor. We obviously don’t get that often in the desert.

  5. Robert says:

    “You guys try to enjoy your holiday.”
    Thanks, Joel. You, too.

    I’m working this weekend. The client doesn’t wanna use the A/C. It’s 90. There’s no breeze. Shoot me.

    “petrichor” This blog/comments be educational. I figgered out the “rock” part all by myself but never woulda guessed the blood of gods part.

  6. TsgtJoe says:

    Checking in from Midland Michigan at 7pm, it’s 85 and muggy.

  7. TK421a says:

    Happy 4th Joel and to the rest of you hooligains. 🙂

    Here, north of disorder it’s pretty hot. And, since I’m too cheap to use AC very much, I’m suffering like many others. I guess I’m lucky because when it get’s too hot I walk a couple of hundred yards to the nearest lake access.

    Here, the COVID-19 thing has mostly setteled down to almost nothing. Getting out and doing things safely isn’t the chore it was a month ago. But, when I’m in a crowd I still wear a mask though.

    I’m glad Joel that you managed to get the S&W sorted out. I guess it really is the circle of brass when you reload.

  8. Norman says:

    What’s the water consumption rate for the chickens?

    I’m thinking “take several jugs over in the jeep so you can use the bike for a month, carrying back the empties should be easy,” or “if the consumption rate is low enough, maybe a 2 – 2 1/2 gallon container weekly would be easier to carry on the bike.”

    If you had, say, a 15 gallon barrel, would there be any good way to transport it to “town” for filling and back to the chickens? (Actually, a pair of 15 gallon barrels would probably be the answer – when one empties you have X days to cycle it through the filling process while using the other. And, it’s handy to remember that while 15 gallons=~120 lbs, a 15 gallon barrel is quite capable of holding less than 15 gallons.)

    Thought: there are such things as bicycle trailers. Would one work with the e-bike?

  9. Kentucky says:

    RE: Jeep . . . Don’t. Tempt. Fate.

  10. Fifteen miles southwest of Lansing, here. We topped out at 85 today. Shade trees rock.

    When the thermometer hits 90, it is time to reload in the basement.

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