The Secret Lair’s new floor!

Serendipity! The Lair’s main room is getting a new floor, earlier and with less hassle than feared.

Two weeks ago some neighbors asked me, “Hey, can you use some laminated flooring?” To which I did not reply aloud, “This is a cruel joke, right?” All last summer I was guilt-stricken over my failure to overcome the logistical issues involved with purchasing, paying for and then transporting enough floor laminate to replace the Lair’s failed attempt at a tiled floor. Money wasn’t even the issue, it’s just that Lowes is 60 miles away, I don’t have regular transport to that town, and it refuses to come to me. I ended up replacing a bunch of crumbled tile just to get me through the winter.

And now suddenly some neighbors are replacing the perfectly good flooring in a room that’s bigger than the Lair’s main room, and want me to just haul off the old stuff! All I need now is some underlayment and I’m in business.

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5 Responses to The Secret Lair’s new floor!

  1. kevin quint says:

    roofing felt paper as an under layment pad. originally used before they made special padding. Way cheaper and actually better.

  2. Joel says:

    Yeah, and I can probably just order a roll at the local hardware. Came to the same conclusion.

  3. R says:

    Plan on replacing/resharpening your chop saw blade after this project, the ceramic coating is tough on even carbide blades.

  4. Mike says:

    It’s nice when serendipity works in your favour.

  5. Lamoureux says:

    Don’t use tarpaper, it will sound like walking on five krispes.

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