The thing. I would talk about it now. If I could use my words.


After I’ve betrayed the revolution and become president-for-life, I’m gonna outlaw long weekends.

Yeah, I know. It sucks, but it’s gotta happen. Why? ‘Cause they’re too much work, that’s why.

I knew I was in trouble this morning, as soon as I got more or less vertical. I emptied the pockets of last night’s jeans. In one pocket was a jackknife and a pretty rock. I don’t know why I pick up rocks, but I do. I can only assume that for reasons of his own my maker incorporated magpie genes into my DNA. Anyway, a little while later I stuck my hand in my pocket to get my knife and came out with a pretty rock instead. I’d put that in my pocket and left the knife home.

Like I said. Oy.

We got the Meadow House papered and wired, put in a couple of new attic vents, and completed two coats of waterproofing on M’s Dome. Today around noon we all went to town for Subway, M and Landlady went their separate ways, and I went off to shit-shoveling. Just now got back.

I’m gonna go collapse in a heap now.

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One Response to The thing. I would talk about it now. If I could use my words.

  1. Matt says:

    Any 4 day weekend, you can walk, limp, hobble or stagger away from is pretty good. To add to the injury, I even took the rest of the week off!

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