The things the desert gets up to when I’m not looking…

The morning walky is the single guaranteed big one, rain or shine, so as to allow LB to do his eliminatory chores. We were out in the wash, he had assumed the position, and I was leaning on my spear and looking around for cattle when I saw something shiny on the sand upstream.

So when LB was done with his business we went up the wash instead of down, to see what was flashing in the morning sun…

Definitely not mine. The newest human tracks anywhere near the barrette come from a neighbor’s ATV but they’re a few days old and several feet away. If a lady lost it off the ATV she must have thrown it away, and it hasn’t been here long enough for the wind to bury it. The tracks say a cow walked right over it, like it dropped from the cow. Not suggesting that as a possibility.

You never know. People do weird things. Or not so weird: The only other piece of female human regalia I ever found out here was a bra – but that was at least on a seldom-used road. When I was young that would have made perfect sense.

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8 Responses to The things the desert gets up to when I’m not looking…

  1. MJR says:

    Finding that hair barrette, well I guess it could have been worse. Just think if you lived near a big city it could have been a used syringe or worse a used condom on the ground.

    I just hope that in the coming months you don’t start finding the owners bones lying around.

  2. Ben says:

    Joel, I don’t want to scare you, but you might just have a female stalker on your hands.

  3. Joel says:

    That’s pretty scant evidence of a stalker, but if so I’m afraid she’s in for a terrible disappointment. :)

  4. Kentucky says:

    Could that have been dropped there by a rat?

  5. Maybe it was aliens. The green kind.

  6. Joel says:

    A rat is actually a plausible explanation. Packrats like shiny objects, and sometimes drop things when they get caught in the open and flee. (example: I frequently have to stop the Jeep to remove a piece of prickly pear, complete with spines, from the road.) Still leaves the question of where the rat found the barrette, but it could explain how the barrette got in the middle of the wash.

    I’m not going to bet on aliens.

  7. Jack says:

    Do you have Ravens in your area? They supposedly steal and cache shiny objects so possibly an air drop.
    Around my place the packrats don’t seem to have a thing for shiny things. When I destroy their nests I find acorns and *lots* of dried dog turds. That and the missing pieces of my trucks wiring harness and vacuum lines if I forget to raise the hood at night.

  8. mikesoja says:

    Geez you guys are so yesterday. The mountain lion that went through identified as post pubescent corporate slave-ish.

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