The unlikely, unlovely origin of the product line that hates us and thinks we suck.

Some months ago Ian went off into the wilds of … Tennessee, I think, and shot all the bits and pieces of a video with none other than Oleg Volk*. I saw an early version of the video, and can’t quite remember if he posted it on Forgotten Weapons at the time. While at first it seemed a typical Ian video, which is to say truly fascinating if you care deeply about the inner workings of guns you’ll never see again**, it dropped a bit of a bomb on me right toward the end.

My very first evil black rifle, many moons ago, was an HK91 which I bought NIB from a police supply store in Tulsa back when you could do things like that. We didn’t click terribly well, the rifle and me, and I eventually wandered toward ARs and then to Garand-pattern rifles. But you never forget your first love, right? And Ian’s video, Last Ditch Innovation, details the history of how an attempt by Mauser to get its business back from the people producing the StG44 led, in a convoluted sort of way, to the people who hate us and think we suck.

*There’s a bit of a story there. I’m told the two rifles in the video are indeed extremely rare, virtually priceless German prototypes and I have no idea how their owner came to possess them. But I understand he lost several years of life in his anxiety over them while they were on the road, and it was very generous of him to lend them for the video.

**That’s not a slam. As a shooter I enjoy Ian’s videos immensely, but the subject is so vast that anyone’s interests can go off in quite a number of directions. Ian’s interests are not quite the same as mine, not that that’s a bad thing.

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