This post is brought to you by #Journalism

Not that I spend a lot of time reading news on your mag, GQ, but thanks for playing.

They’ve probably still got the body. They could hang it by the neck or something, I suppose, but…

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5 Responses to This post is brought to you by #Journalism

  1. Kentucky says:

    “Picky, picky, picky! Hey, it’s real easy to miss these little details when we’re racing against the other media to be first with an in-depth, penetrating story . . .”

  2. Ben says:

    While I share Trump’s hope that this turd dies, it was silly for Trump to go on record as he did.

    By the head of the executive branch publicly calling for the death penalty for a crime that is expected to be judged in the federal court system, he made it LESS likely that it will actually happen. At minimum, that will result in lawyers growing fat on public money as the appeals and delays grind on, fueled by arguments that POTUS has poisoned the criminal justice process for said turd.

  3. Joel says:

    True and true. But a day without Trump sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong would be like a day without sunshine. Anyway, Twitter’s doing its best… 😀

  4. CLAIRE says:

    But Trump is “the only one that matters.”

    Therefore he could probably try, convict, and hang the NYC creep all by himself, no need for judges.

  5. Joel says:

    Say! He could put up the gallows right where Michelle’s garden used to be.

    Having done so, though…how long could he resist the temptation to hang Mueller’s tortured body next to the NYC beard?

To the stake with the heretic!