This turned into a fine day to stay indoors…

It was forecast to turn windy but this is taking it way too far.

Temperature-wise, this would have been an even more pleasant day than yesterday; not even noon and already mid-fifties in the shade. But that’s about to change big-time and major temperature change often announces itself with a windstorm.

Neighbor D and I filled water bottles on the lee side of the ice plant on the other side of town, where the wind can work itself up over a fetch of several miles of flat prairie. We were happy to have some shelter but the dirt was swirling around so much we wanted goggles and masks we didn’t have. Happy to get back into the truck, then happy to have the whole thing over with and get home to my hollow where the wind gusts and rattles things but can’t go far enough in a straight line to be very damaging. Usually.

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2 Responses to This turned into a fine day to stay indoors…

  1. terrapod says:

    Were you ever a sailor? First person in 50 years I have seen use that word applied correctly. 😉

  2. Joel says:

    Never a professional sailor but I crewed a bit when I was young, and also spent a lot of time on dive boats. Must have picked it up at some point.

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