Those damned right-wingers and their uncivil talk…

They’re entirely to blame for political violence, always trash-talking the other side

Yeah. Stupid right wingers. Why can’t they be civil and polite like good progressives? Then everything would be perfect – you know, after they died off.

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One Response to Those damned right-wingers and their uncivil talk…

  1. Erik says:

    If the right wingers are supposed to use the lefts example as civil…Lord help us.

    I hope at some point enough people in this country wake up to realize we cannot “fix” Washington as so many candidates say they are going to do. It is not something that can be fixed. We need to put any efforts into pulling as much power back to the states and the people that is possible. get the Fed impotent again. Even that is a dream really.

    Ok, back to reality now. Got the beans…check. Got the band-aids….check. Got the….

To the stake with the heretic!