Time to drag this thing to the top of a hill and update the software, maybe…

We have a still clear day ahead of us, it appears – though the forecast says otherwise so I don’t know. The forecasters haven’t been so good lately, except in broad pictures. They said we’d get a dusting of snow on Sunday, we got three inches(ish, who really knows) in a raging blizzard. Yesterday most of it melted…

…and now we’re up to our asses in mud again. I looked at the clear sky and the temperature that was above freezing before eight ayem and decided to do laundry while I could, because the picture for the rest of this week doesn’t look happy. Tobie was glad to get out of the cabin for a while, though.

We’re both barnsour as hell, but he’s just a puppy. Last evening while climbing the hill for the last walkie he completely lost sight of decency and body-checked me in the back of the knees, something he hasn’t tried since he was a little puppy. I went down like a sack of painful flour and he didn’t like what happened next. Never did appreciate practical jokes.

Tomorrow we’re supposed to get a big snow. That would cancel Senior Day at the Palace of Food, because in a blizzard the road to the biggish town about 35 miles away – actually any road anywhere – is a windswept nightmare, and old people don’t like those.

Can’t happen though: Tomorrow is the first of March, and I have declared it the complete end of winter. I’m putting away the firewood box, turning off the bedroom heater, sharpening and storing the axe and hatchet. The winter clothes go under cover and the summer clothes come out. I have proclaimed 30 days of shooting festivals and picnics. Fire up the barbecue, boys, we’re done with winter. I have spoken.

Yeah, I know. I say that every winter, because every winter by this time I’m thoroughly sick of sitting around. But March is the month that breaks your heart.

Meanwhile my connection problems continue in fits and starts. I came back from Ian’s just now: The iPhone worked fine, airdropping the pictures above worked fine, but the Macbook wouldn’t connect to the blog or indeed to any website at all until I rebooted it. Now it’s working perfectly. Sometimes that works, sometimes not. Annoying.

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  1. Mike says:

    Good luck with the personal confuser. I wish that I could give you all sorts of advice to help fix the problems you’re having. But, the reality is that at heart I’m a Luddite.

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