Time to wash the solar panels…

Yesterday and half of today I’ve watched the voltage readouts with increasing concern – I know the voltage on the batteries running the 12-volt system is low and I think I know why, but the overall voltage wasn’t setting the world on fire either and not because the batteries are failing. Granted that we don’t have 100% sun right now it should have been doing better than it was. On a hunch I went out and ran my hand over the ground-mount panels and it came away pretty dirty.

Well, if that’s the problem there’s an easy fix…

And sonuvagun! That may have fixed it right there!

ETA: Might as well be complete…

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4 Responses to Time to wash the solar panels…

  1. Robert says:

    The voice in my head immediately segued into grammaw saying “Don’t forget to wash behind yer ears!” There’s some lesson there about high-tech systems and low-tech solutions.

  2. terrapod says:

    Practical logic overcomes irrational worry every time 😉

  3. Norman says:

    Which makes one question the wisdom of mounting panels on 2nd story roofs if there’s any other more accessible place available.

  4. Joel says:

    Everything’s a trade-off. Shadows are the enemies of solar panels: You can only use a ground mount if it’s free of shadows in all seasons and daylight hours. Roof mounts are terribly convenient, out of the way and safe from accident – until you have to service the panels in any way, then they’re a pain in the ass.

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