To anyone who’s tried to email me lately…

I’m having email trouble again, and have had for a couple of weeks now. I can’t get any incoming, apparently everyone who tries to send mail gets a bounce telling them that my inbox is full. You know me and computer stuff; so far I haven’t figured it out. Sorry but for now I’m in an email-free zone.

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  1. Neurologist says:

    A ministroke is a bit of a misnomer. It implies that it is a “small” stroke. There is no such thing as a small stroke to the person experiencing it. The more correct term is TIA (Transient Ischemic Accident), a temporary loss of blood flow to the brain.

    TIA’s can have multiple causes, typically plaques breaking loose in the arteries and traveling north to the brain or occasionally clots forming elsewhere and also heading north. Your friend and his wife have to have a very direct talk with a neurologist about what to do next. Sometimes the cause can take time to figure out, sometimes it is simple. If everyone is confident that the problem is understood and corrected as best as it can be, great. If there will be good deal of monitoring and visits to other professionals, then possibly relocation is the best.

    I live in sort of rural Florida and the services for diagnosis and rehab are much more limited than in the big cities. Telehealth has the ability to reduce but not totally eliminate travel times, if the communication links are robust and fast. That is a large “if”.

    If your friend is a veteran, the VA does have pretty active telehealth program that might help reduce travel.

    Also, the time for the direct talk is not in the hospital, but afterwards in the outpatient setting where more time can be taken to discuss with a neurologist what next steps might be. By then the dust has settled, all results are in and everybody is a little less stressed.

    If access to your friends house is difficult in conventional ambulances, then identify a place where the ambulance can meet them that is nearby, but easy for an ambulance to get to.

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