To the best of my knowledge I have no Finnish ancestors…

…and I feel kind of cheated. Because the Finns actually have a word for this.

If I were a Finn I’d know how to pronounce it. Then I could exercise the hell out of my white privilege.

ETA: Okay, turns out I’m not the first person to be bothered by the pronunciation thing…

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7 Responses to To the best of my knowledge I have no Finnish ancestors…

  1. MN Steel says:

    Just remember K sounds like G, P sounds like B, all vowels are sounded out, R has a tongue roll, the first syllable is usually primary and “Sauna” is pronounced “SOW-na”.

    Did you know the longest bridge in the world is the Mackinac Bridge?

    It connects Finland to Africa…

  2. Robert says:

    In the video it sounds like they’re already drunk.
    (Psst, somebody explain MN Steel’s joke to me)

  3. Wayne Dygert says:

    The Finns are pretty cool folk overall. How about if we go with a feeling of solidarity. Maybe you could get Ian to ask one of his Finnish buddies to pronounce it for us?

  4. Sendarius says:

    I am guessing here, so could be WAAAY off.
    The Mackinac Bridge connects the Upper Peninsula and Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

    Could the Upper Peninsula be predominantly the home of the descendants of Finnish settlers, and the Lower Peninsula predominantly the home of Somali “refugees”? (or vice versa)

  5. doubletrouble says:

    Senda is on it- look at the map of the bridge’s location, then ponder. When undergoing said pondering, think Detroit…

  6. Joel says:

    😀 sorry, I should have chimed in there. Being from Detroit myself, I got the joke immediately. Though a lot of white rednecks between the UP and the city would find it offensive.

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