Tobie and the lizard…

I mentioned I have a bathroom lizard which has somehow survived all the way through the winter so far, and somebody asked why Tobie has allowed such a thing to happen.

Truth is, Tobie is fully aware of the lizard and doesn’t seem to mind the little guy being around. I happened to be, er, occupying the ivory throne yesterday and saw them together.

You’d have thought that after that second picture the lizard would have become a tidbit, but not so. Tobie was just sniffing. The lizard didn’t seem to enjoy being sniffed, but Tobie’s intentions were in no way hostile.

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You shouldn't ask these questions of a paranoid recluse, you know.
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2 Responses to Tobie and the lizard…

  1. Ben says:

    Lizard came within centimeters of being inhaled. A terrible way to go!

  2. feralfae says:

    Since the alpha male (you) obviously tolerate the tiny reptile, I think Tobie has taken his cues from you and decided this is a housemate. Lovely. Joel, we caught your weather up here on the Divide. Going down into the -˚F tonight, and cold for a couple of days. Thank goodness for stacked firewood and lots of kindling, and some electric baseboards and solar gain as well. Two-sweater days here. No lizards, though. I’m glad the little lizard is fitting in to the household. Great bug eaters!

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