Tobie needs this badly…

I’m not convinced he’d be smart enough to learn that he has to reset it himself, but also not sure he wouldn’t. He picks up on new tricks quickly when treats are involved. And he absolutely would play fetch relentlessly if I were ever stupid enough to allow a tennis ball to enter the Lair.

H/T to Wendy McElroy.

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3 Responses to Tobie needs this badly…

  1. WJW says:

    So we should send Tobin a can of tennis balls for Christmas?

  2. Mike says:

    This is something that my Bro-in-law could use. His dog is into everything.

    For example, last year a friend of my Bro-in-law dog-sat his dog for a week. At the same time the friend was caring for a baby in diapers. Of course on the second day the dog tipped over the diaper pail and ate one. The vet gave them some stuff to make the dog throw up, which it did in their living room on some carpet. When the dog threw up, it brought up the diaper and a missing sock.

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