Tobie’s new threads…

I was able to pick up Tobie’s new harness today…

His old one was basically riding on his neck and I was thinking of replacing it even before he chewed through one of its straps. He got really long.

And here’s the new one, after letting it out enough to just barely fit around his torso; we’re still fitting.

Ain’t that a handsome boy? Maybe he won’t be able to pull this one off when I tie him to something and say “stay.” Because he can do that with the old one when he thinks of it.

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3 Responses to Tobie’s new threads…

  1. Whatever says:

    Haha, the look on his face….this again? : )

  2. Klaus says:

    Something to keep in mind with those type of harnesses is that they can increase their core temp especially with some large breeds and ones with thick coats. They can start to act feverish mopey when they start to overheat. At least he can carry his own water now and yours too.

  3. anonymous says:

    My dog was given a cordura webbed harness to tie her up. Purchased at Pet Smart for a bit over $20 so not a lot expended. I put it on, went inside to get a drink of water, came out and she had already chewed her way out (Why is Daddy yelling those one syllable words ?)

    Went back to PetSmart with pieces chewed harness, the register lady recognized me and saw evidence of what happened. She laughed and allowed me to exchange for a new one (can’t refund – sorry but dems the rulez). So I got a replacement harness but just kept it, later using it for a bedroll harness.

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