Top o’the world, Ma…

Torso Boy and I scratched an itch this morning and took a long Jeep ride to some places I haven’t wasted gasoline on in years, including up to the top of the West Mesa. Not far from the Lair, but a long winding drive on some rocky roads.

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7 Responses to Top o’the world, Ma…

  1. Dygert says:

    One neck of a view from there

  2. Mike says:

    For all the weather issues, the flash floods, snow, high heat etc.that you have written about, Joel you really do live in a beautiful part of the world.

  3. Cederq says:

    Sometimes you have to climb the mountain to survey your realm…

  4. terrapod says:

    Terrific view of desolation flats with a bit of rain thrown in. If you like quiet and solitude, seems to be the right place.

    Used to love going out beyond the lights of Phoenix in the late 70’s and just laying flat on the roof of the station wagon (yeah, don’t like the crawlies) and just looking at the night sky. Spectacular.views.

  5. Kentucky says:

    The limited “zoom in” I’m able to accomplish seems to reveal a few man-made items at the various distances. Care to let us know what these might be?

    And if those pics don’t pretty well provide a working definition of “boonies” I don’t know what would. Beautiful.

  6. Paul B says:

    Good place to be. would like a little greener but you take what you get.

  7. matismf says:

    At other times of the year, Paul B, it most likely IS greener.

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