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From here. I got a kick out of a comment:

That’s the new Federal “Saturn” two-stage ammo, which — when the first stage fires — leaves the barrel in time for the second stage to ignite. Terminal performance is extreme (equivalent to the lunar module slamming into the moon). Misses are parachuted softly to the ground.

Ah, the perils of working outside your comfort zone. I’m a word guy, and the graphics tend not to get a lot of attention from me. I’ve worked with graphics guys for whom the opposite is true. The result in either case can be tragic. One of my best friends was a commercial art instructor at a tech school – this was many years ago while the first, or fourth, depending on your level of geekdom, Star Wars movie was actually playing in theaters – and inevitably the informal topic of the semester was scifi graphics. One day when I popped in for a visit one of his students wanted to show me a poster he’d labored over for several days. It was a beautiful, full-color panoramic view of a fanciful Enterprise bridge peopled with alien creatures, apparently very well done in every respect except for the one I was qualified to judge, and that was right where my eye fell. Unfortunately the poster was captioned. And the caption read, “Captian’s Log, Star Date XXXX.” Which did sort of spoil the whole thing, but so far nobody else to whom he’d shown it had noticed.

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  1. MamaLiberty says:

    Life would probably be so much less entertaining if people only talked or wrote about (drew?) things they actually knew something about. I still get a smile when I remember the dimbulb talking about semi-auto magazines, seriously pontificating that if no more were manufactured, there would soon be no more as people used up the “bullets” in the “clips” they had and were forced to throw them away. Or something like that… it’s often hard to understand what they are actually trying to say, since they have no idea… Oh me.

  2. … hits, on the other hand, will deploy a minirover to evaluate data at the impact site…

  3. Kentucky says:

    Brings back fond memories of the magazine ad for a semi-auto pistol (SIG?) that showed a loaded magazine . . . with the cartridges loaded backwards.


  4. jabrwok says:

    I can’t be too critical of that, unfortunately. The first time I loaded a semi-automatic (Bushmaster .22), I put the bullets in backwards. Fortunately I had enough sense to recognize that they wouldn’t fire that way, and got the guy at the counter of the attached gun-shop to show me how to insert them correctly. He was gracious enough not to laugh in my face:-).

  5. MamaLiberty says:

    Can happen to anyone, I think. During a CC class a few years ago, I was demonstrating a tactical reload and somehow had the magazine reversed in the carrier… so I was trying to ram it into the pistol backwards for a few seconds. A student looked at it closely and suggested I try it the other way around…. Hooo boy, and then we all had a good laugh. Following that was a short discussion on how to carry a spare magazine. I keep telling my students that I learn as much or more than they do, and that day sure proved it. :)

  6. Borepatch says:

    That’s hilarious

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